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"I had Chris do a portrait of my daughter's dog, from a photograph, as a Christmas gift. She will be so pleased, as I am, with the results. Chris was so easy to work with and created a work of art my daughter will cherish forever."

-Brenda G. Owner of original painting


"You have given me back a treasured memory of my beloved bunnies, some long gone, some more recently passed. I loved them so, and having their sweet faces now with me again brought tears to my eyes.

The painting is so beautiful and much more gorgeous in person than in the pics you sent along the way. I thank you, thank you, thank you. "

-Susan A. Owner of original painting


"Chris is an extremely talented artist who captured my cats' personalities perfectly, even though she never met them! Her attention to detail regarding my descriptions of their quirks, and her translation of these unique features into portrayals on canvas far exceeded my expectations. She provided many opportunities for review/feedback sessions along the way, to make sure that I would be satisfied with the end result, which I absolutely am! On top of this, she is very speedy, efficient and affordable. My pets are like my children and Chris has helped me memorialize them in a unique and precious way. I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance!"

-Angie S. Owner of original paintings Tower Trouble, Little Eiffel and Proper Chap


"Chris has such talent! She possesses an intuitive creativity that enables her to illuminate your best friend’s soul on canvas. She’s easy to work with, presents ideas and questions and sketches that help translate how you feel about your pet and how your pet feels about you, into a stunning representation that is unique to you and your pet’s personality and the bond that you share. I had a portrait done to give as a gift, a surprise, so Chris had to work from photographs, which can be difficult, but she made it easy, it’s a treasured and cherished gift, and we could not have been more pleased with the outcome."

-Michelle T. Owner of original painting Lola


"I recently purchased a print of Chris’ work - she is so easy to work with - the print arrived at my home nearly immediately. I just love how she captured a very complex human situation in a single face. How amazing - she put conflicting emotions down on canvas. I have been taking pictures of my dog to get ready for her to work her magic on a painting of him."

-Janet H. Owner of archival print of Shoe Storm

A featured print hanging in owner's home.



Chris Bohannon Headshot
Christianne Bohannon Owner/Artist

Although born and raised in the gateway city of St. Louis, Kansas City is what I call home. Creating has always been an integral part of how I perceive life and my journey through it.

I found my passion with a lengthy teaching career in Gardner, Kansas. In the spring of 2017, however, I ultimately discovered I could no longer treat my competing passion for Art as a hobby.

My career now is to create acrylic paintings that may bring joy to you and others. I have a great love of animals and enjoy creating animal portraits by commission.

When not painting, I serve as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for my local non-profit cat rescue, Another Chance Cat Rescue.

I’m a good listener whose only agenda is to create a painting you and your loved ones can cherish through the years to come. I work from photographs and am in regular communication with my clients in pursuit of their satisfaction. I hope you enjoy my work and consider it for your home.

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You can hire me (Chris Bohannon/Artist KC) to create a custom portrait of a pet!

I'll consult with you to develop your custom painting to be meaningful and unique. Whether a keepsake for yourself or a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, I will strive to exceed your expectations.

Size Price
2.5 x 2.5 inches $40
6 x 6 x 1.5 inches $90
8 x 8 inches $130
8 x 10 inches $160
11 x 14 inches $300
16 x 20 inches $500
18 x 24 inches $700
24 x 24 inches $800

All prices based on one pet with a solid background color.
Scenery or additional pets will add to the cost.
Shipping not included.

If you are a Missouri resident, please anticipate a sales tax charge of 8.6%.
I'm happy to deliver your painting within a 10 mile radius of my Kansas City location.
My typical turnaround time is 2 weeks. Payment is collected through secure online invoicing.

More sizes and options are always available. Ask me about framing options and reproduction prints.

Email me to begin the conversation:

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